Rigol Oscilloscopes

Rigol Oscilloscopes

Browse our wide selection of Rigol oscilloscopes, including the bestselling DS1054Z and other budget-friendly oscilloscopes from the 1000Z seriesFrom entry-level oscilloscopes with all the bells and whistles of advanced models to cutting-edge 7-in-1 units like the DS70504 (which offers real-time spectrum analysis!), Rigol has an oscilloscope for every benchtop. 


The “best” Rigol oscilloscope depends on the applications you’re using it for, the desired price range, and other factors. However, some of the most popular Rigol oscilloscopes include the DS1054ZDS1102Z-EDS1052EMSO5104

The Rigol 1000Z series are ideal for hobby or entry-level oscilloscopes, whereas series like the MSO5000 (especially when combined with the MSO-5000 Application Bundle) offer advanced testing capabilities and precision specifications at an unprecedented value that’s accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike. 


1.  Reliable & Quality Performance

Rigol is an established manufacturer of oscilloscopes and other test equipment, developing both budget-friendly and high-end instruments for over 25 years. The company is especially dedicated to developing new technologies that improve performance while making the units more affordable. 

For example, the 1000Z series—one of Rigol’s most popular entry-level oscilloscopes—incorporates Rigol’s UltraVision Technology, providing exceptional deep memory and a high waveform update rate rarely found in other oscilloscopes within the same price range. 

2.  Cost-Effective

Rigol prides itself in providing uncompromised product performance and advanced features at attractive pricepoints. Their innovative technologies make units more efficient and feature-rich, so users get more bang for their buck. Plus, many of the oscilloscopes come with bandwidth upgrades and similar options, so you can buy what you can afford and upgrade the specifications later without needing to purchase a new unit. 

3.  Multifunctional & Upgradable

Rigol oscilloscopes often come with capabilities beyond typical oscilloscopes, such as FFT analysis or waveform generation. Some units come with these features out of the box, and others have software options that are purchased separately that provide spectrum analysis and other advanced measurement capabilities. 

The multifunctionality and abundant software options and upgrades lend to Rigol’s affordability. As mentioned previously, users can buy the base model (which provides excellent value and performance in its own right!) and upgrade the unit with other features later. You have more options and flexibility to pick and choose what features you need. 

4.  Innovative Technology

Rigol is continually innovating technology, both to improve oscilloscope performance and lower the cost to users (both in the short term and longterm). By investing in more efficient technologies, the company is able to provide advanced features and exceptional specifications at unbeatable prices. 

For example, the MSO5000 series of mixed signal oscilloscopes includes Rigol’s latest ASIC chipset, making the circuit design more simple and reliable. At the same time, the units don’t have a relay, which prolongs the oscilloscope’s service life and indirectly reducing the cost. 

5. User-Friendly & Excellent Documentation

While offering advanced capabilities, Rigol oscilloscopes still manage to be incredible user-friendly. Part of this user-friendliness is thanks to their excellent documentation and manuals. The interface is also intuitive and designed with the customer in mind. Units with touchscreen capabilities, for example, still come with dials and tactile buttons for those who don’t want to use touchscreen functionality.