Best Budget Multimeter Under $100

Determining the best budget multimeter can be difficult, our experienced staff has narrowed the search for you in efforts to ease your shopping experience.

Multimeters are an essential tool for engineers, electricians, auto mechanics, and DIY Home improvers alike. Multimeters are mostly used for electronic measurements such as voltage, resistance, and current. They are generally handheld, very portable devices that can provide a wide variety of features for basic fault finding which can measure to a very high degree of accuracy. Circuit Specialists has a variety of digital multimeters tailored to your needs and budget. We carry everything from personal use multimeters for do-it-yourselfers to professional-level true-RMS and auto-ranging digital multimeters with automatic calibration for more demanding applications. Below we have outlined our 4 best budget multimeter.

OWON B35 Bluetooth Smart Digital Multimeter

Best Budget Multimeter | Owon B35 Smart Multimeter
Owon B35 Smart Multimeter

Starting the list with the revolutionary OWON B35 Bluetooth digital multimeter!  The first Bluetooth Multimeter to hit the market is available with FREE SHIPPING from Circuit Specialists’. Light and small with the high precision 6000-count display. It can be connected with your cellular or smart device, enabling remote control.

Key Features:

  • Full-scale reading 
  • Function as 3 in 1 : datalogger + multimeter + temperature meter
  • Multi-connection
  • Large display with backlight

SEE VIDEO BELOW explaining Owon’s Bluetooth connectivity:

MS8228 – Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer

Best Budget Multimeter | MS8228 - Digital Multimeter With Infrared Thermometer

At the higher range of our budget, the MS8228 Is our best-equipped Multimeter offering a large variety of features as well as a high-quality build and accurate results. If your looking for a higher-end Multimeter without breaking the bank the Ms8228 is for you.

Key Features:

  • Display 4000 counts
  • Auto & Manual Ranging
  • Auto Power Off
  • Sound & Light Warning
  • Laser Pointer
  • ℃/℉ Selection

Mastech Nine-Range Digital Capacitance Meter (Not technically multi)

Best Budget Multimeter | Mastech Nine-Range Digital Capacitance Meter
Mastech Nine-Range

While it’s not actually a multimeter since it only measures capacitance, the Mastech Nine-Range is a high-quality digital capacitance meter used to check the accuracy and status of capacitors up to 20mF. A very handy tool for virtually any technician looking to spend less than $25 without sacrificing accuracy.

Key Features:

  • 3-1/2 digit LCD with a max reading of 1999
  • 9 selectable ranges from 200pF to 20mF 
  • Highly accurate (0.5%)

Rugged Precision Mastech MS8340A 6000 Count DMM

Best Budget Multimeter | Rugged Precision Mastech
Rugged Precision Mastech

The Precision Mastech MS8340A 6000 is a ruggedly built multi-function DMM from Precision Mastech. Similar to the Mastech Nine-Range above but designed for more overall voltage protection. Double insulated, the entire outer surface of the case assembly has been formed with a thermoplastic elastomer to give the main body much greater drop shock protection than a typical DMM anywhere close to this price class. For under $50 the Precision Mastech MS8340A 6000 is comparable to FLUKE Multimeters for a fraction of the cost. 

Key Features:

  • Auto Ranging
  • 6000 Counts Full Scale
  • 3 5/6 digit LCD display with 61 segment bar graph
  • Overload Protection: Uses a PTC protection circuit for resistance, capacitance, and frequency measurements. Uses fuse protection for circuit and temperature measurements

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