Top 10 Best Bench Power Supply 2021

This article means to provide our customers with the 10 Best Bench Power Supplies 2021. At the end of the day, the power supply could ultimately affect the outcome of an experiment or project.

Finally, there are many models available for consumers to choose from, some are either powerful or affordable. Very rarely do you come across a power supply that is both? To make things easier for our audience, we scoured the market for the best DC power supplies that could give sufficient power for any project.

Table of content

  • What is a Bench Power Supply?
  • CSI5003XE Linear Bench Power Supply 50V 3A.
  • CSI3003X3 Triple Output Linear Power Supply 30V 3A.
  • CSI3644A Programmable Linear Power Supply 18V 5A.
  • PPS2320A Three Output Programmable Linear Power Supply 32V 3A.
  • CSI305 BENCH Triple Output Variable Power Supply 30V 5A.
  • CSI3646A Programmable Linear Power Supply 72V 1.5A.
  • Siglent SPD3303X-E Triple Output Programmable Power Supply 32 V 3.2A.
  • ITECH IT6933A Programmable DC Power Supply 150V 5A.
  • Array 3672A Programmable Switching Power Supply 35V 22.5A.
  • ITECH IT6502D High-power Programmable DC Power Supply 80V 60A.
  • Recap
What is a Bench Power Supply?

In a nutshell, power supplies are an important part of a system. Whether you’re a ham radio aficionado, a certified electrical engineer, or a casual home hobbyist, you need high-quality DC power supplies to juice up your current engineering project (whatever it may be).

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Moreover, a benchtop power supply is a tool for testing and measuring circuit systems by providing direct current (DC) voltage (power) to the device under validation. Finally, it’s typically used by electrical engineers, circuit designers, and other professionals in similar lines of work.  

CSI5003XE Linear Bench Power Supply 50V 3A

CSI3005X5 Bench Power Supply

Price: $68.51

The CSI5003XE is one of the best budget power supply fully regulated benchtop linear power supply with adjustable current limiting. For instance, in applications that require substantial voltage, this unit can deliver up to 50 volts and 3 amps and can be preset to any combination of the two. Moreover, the current output can be preset by the user via a front panel screwdriver adjustment screw. Secondly, the voltage is adjustable by a large front panel multi-turn knob for precise voltage settings. Above all, the front panel banana jacks accept typical 4mm banana plug cables. You can also have a covered terminal strip for remote voltmeter sensing at the power source.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Line regulation (CV): < 0.01%+5mV
  • Line regulation:(CC): <0.01% + 5mV
  • Load regulation (CV): <0.01% +5mV

CSI3644A Programmable Linear Power Supply 18V 5A

CSI3644A Linear Bench Power Supply

Price: $181.66

One of the most intuitive and responsive DC power supplies on the market, the CSI3644A is a programmable model that comes with a back-lit LCD display, numbered keypad, and rotary code switch for quick, on-the-spot programming. Small, lightweight, and easy to transport, it’s a great unit to have for constant, ongoing projects or multiple testing.

You can monitor the readings via your PC if you have an RS232 adaptor module (optional) and the corresponding software. Otherwise, the LCD display works just fine for voltage, current, and power readings. In addition, the CSI3644A can be operated at constant current mode, constant voltage mode, and constant power mode. What’s more, it can accept and store up to ten (10) individual settings—perfect for lightning-fast recall. Overall, it’s a sophisticated instrument suitable for scientific research, educational labs, and similar applications.

 Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Stored memory allows for up to 10 settings
  • Capable of both voltage and current protection (over and/or under)
  • The maximum current can be user-defined
  • Lightweight, very portable

CSI3003X3 Triple Output Linear Power Supply 30V 3A

CSI3003X3 Linear Bench Power Supply

Price: $199.40

The CSI3003X3 is a fully-regulated, triple output DC power supply that features two adjustable output channels and one fixed—perfect for multi-tasking or multi-testing scenarios. Firstly, this highly stable linear bench power is packed with just a ton of features, including a short circuit and current limiting protection system, a built-in cooling fan, and SMT PC boards to improve the device’s longevity. Secondly, the three outputs can be found on the front panel for ease of access and quick setup. In addition, the two variable outputs run 30V and 3.0 amp, whereas the fixed one runs 5V and 3.0 amp. Moreover, the two variable output channels are capable of several modes, including constant current and constant voltage.

Finally, the LCD display is quite large and capable of clearly displaying the current outputs. Therefore, this is perfect for laboratory work or educational use, this reliable, hardy model can withstand workloads units twice its size and specs can.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Multiloop high-precision voltage regulation
  • Built-in overload circuit protection
  • Dual terminal system (for safety testing or expandable screw terminals)
  • Large LCD display

PPS2320A Three Output Programmable Linear Power Supply 32V 3A

PPS2320A Linear Bench Power Supply

Price: $219.53

This programmable 32V DC power supply is a solid, multi-functional benchtop model that features 3 output channels and six modes: constant current, constant voltage, parallel, serial, and split rail (both negative and positive voltages). Moreover, two of the outputs are variable, capable of supplying 0-32V at 0-3 amps. In addition, the third one is a fixed output channel that allows users to select 2.5V, 3.3V or 5V with 0-3 amps available. Finally, all digital controls can be found on the front panel but may be controlled via a PC interface.

What really sells us on the PPS2320A is its value. Firstly, for the price you’re paying, you get a very reliable, full-featured unit that has all the good stuff you can find in models twice its price. For instance, it has a shielded toroidal transformer unit that powers all three output channels. In addition to the standard built-in cooling fan, it comes with separate heat sinks for the higher-powered channels, effectively improving the device’s longevity. Finally, the front panel has clear voltage and current level controls in the form of speed-sensitive knobs for fine-tuning. What’s more, it has four programmable memory buttons for lightning-fast recall.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • One (1) fixed channel output and two (2) adjustable
  • Six (5) available configurations
  • OCP & OVP protection
  • USB interface
  • Three (3) methods of control

CSI305 BENCH Triple Output Variable Power Supply 30V 5A

CSI305 BENCH Triple Output Variable Bench Power Supply

Price: $257.07

The CSI305 BENCH is a beginner-friendly power supply unit. Firstly, the DC power supply comes with triple output that has a dual-channel variable output with continuously adjustable current and voltage, and a third fixed output. Moreover, this powerful unit features a pair of large-screen LCD displays that are LED-backlit that continuously show voltage and current. Furthermore, the unit has built-in fine and coarse adjustment knobs that help dial in the exact output desired.

Secondly, the two main channels operate independently and feature switch-activated automatic tracking in series or in parallel modes. Moreover, the third fixed output features a user-controlled fixed output of 2.5V, 3.3V, or 5V. Therefore, this DC power supply is one of the best DC power supplies because it is robust, accurate, and durable. Furthermore, this power supply unit is suitable for technology product development and use in laboratories, teaching, and electronics production as well as powering essential communications industry equipment.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Independent Operations Mode: Allows the power supply to have 2ea. at 0-30V 0-5A output voltage and current
  • Series Tracking Mode: Allows the power supply a max output voltage at 60V, with a max output current of 5A
  • Parallel Tracking Mode: Allows the power supply a max output voltage value of 30V, with a max output current of 10A
  • Features 3 positive and negative output voltage and current values, 3 outputs can work simultaneously
  • Internal fan powers on at 113°F (45°C) degrees to keep the unit temperature down to prolong machine life

CSI3646A Programmable Linear Power Supply 72V 1.5A

CSI3646A Bench Power Supply

Price: $289.08

Admittedly one of the more costly models on this list, the CSI3646A Programmable Power Supply more than justifies its price tag. Firstly, the unit has a ton of features packed into its 14-pound body, including adjustable and constant-voltage outputs, PC monitoring capabilities, and a sweet memory recall function for up to ten programmed settings. Surprisingly high-res at 1mv and with a maximum power output of 108 watts, the CSI3646A gives users the freedom to constantly adjust, program, and define their project parameters. Finally, with highly intuitive voltage and current protection (for both over and under events), it’s suitable for full operation in a wide variety of settings.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Numeric keypad and rotary knob for programming
  • The maximum current can be user-defined
  • Up to 10  store/recall memory settings

Siglent SPD3303X-E Triple Output Programmable Power Supply 32 V 3.2A

Siglent SPD3303X-E Triple Output Bench Power Supply

Price: $389.00

A common name in the DC power supplies market, Siglent has yet another product that exceeds all expectations. Firstly, the SPD3303X-E Programmable DC Power Supply is a formidable 17.6-pound model with three isolated output channels: independent, series, and parallel. Moreover, the 4.3-inch TFT-LCD display and a Real-Time Wave Display, this unit give users a lot of bang for their buck. It also has five (5) sets of memory save/recall, which is perfect if you’re constantly running tests, and offers a maximum power output of 220 watts.

In addition, it has a modified short and overload protection system built-in, which is good for stressful conditions and high-stakes fieldwork—like production and development. Finally, as a bonus, the unit itself is capable of meeting the needs of different power grids with its 100V/120V/220V/230V compatible design.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Three (3) independently controlled & isolated outputs
  • Intelligent, noise-reduced fan (temperature-controlled)
  • Clear user interface with waveform display function
  • Supports data storage space expansion
  • Supports Standard Commands for Programmable Instruments (SCPI)

ITECH IT6933A Programmable DC Power Supply 150V 5A

ITECH IT6933A 150V 5A Wide-range Programmable DC Power Supply
ITECH IT6933A DC Bench Power Supply

Price: $697.07

ITECH’s IT6933A model is a highly programmable DC power supply capable of “intelligent” testing via rich SCPI instructions. It’s an incredibly versatile and responsive piece of hardware that, with a few simple commands, can run on its own. Which is very handy for remote testing and unpredictable fieldwork.

Furthermore, this particular model comes with a remote sense function that lets it avoid the pressure drop caused by the wire connecting the electronic load by allowing measurement directly on the terminal of the test object. This also greatly improves accuracy.

External measurement is also made easy thanks to the IT6933A’s low ripple, low noise, and built-in digital voltmeter. Overall, a durable, precise DC power supply that’s great for high-stakes projects of substantial scale.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • VFD Display
  • Intelligent fan control/cooling system
  • Remote Sense Function
  • SCPI compatible

Array 3672A Programmable Switching Power Supply 35V 22.5A

Array 3672A Switching Bench Power Supply

Price: $778.40

This highly reliable, high-quality DC power supply is a programmable model capable of generating up to 780W—definitely a suitable choice for high-energy fieldwork or electrical engineering projects of a large scale. 

On top of that, despite that raw power, the Array 3672A is capable of testing low-voltage devices. Its minimum is roughly 0.6V at the load’s full rated current, but the maximum current can be achieved even if the input voltage drops to 0V. This is an incredibly useful feature when testing energy applications like fuel cells or solar cells.

Furthermore, this unit features a built-in circuit improvement that widens the CR mode’s application scope as well as its dynamic response. It is also capable of innovative CPV and CPC modes that can be applied to a testing voltage/current source with constant power. When the load’s set power level exceeds the output power of the power supply, both modes are also capable of effectively preventing a short circuit. 

In conclusion, The Array 3672A’s protective circuitry provides protection against over-power, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature, and reverse polarity make this one of the safest DC power supplies for testing.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • An intelligent built-in cooling system
  • Specially ruggedized casing with rubber bumpers
  • Innovative CPV and CPC modes
  • D/A conversion rate can reach up to 100kHz

ITECH IT6502D High-power Programmable DC Power Supply 80V 60A

IT6502D 80V 60A Wide-range High-power DC Bench Power Supply

Price: $1,260.00

With ITECH’s latest technology, the IT6502D offers a full-featured high-performance power test solution. Firstly with a fast response, this DC power supply provides users with a new level of power supply performance. In addition, the maximum output voltage and current are up to 80V and 60A respectively. With its auto-ranging capability, it also has a super wide range of voltage and current applications. Finally, the greatly enhances the communication speed, and customers also can adjust the digital step value by using the cursor to facilitate the operation.

Notable Specifications/Features:

  • Supports multiple power supplies paralleling in Master-Slave mode and ensures each power supply equally shares the load current.
  • Extension capacity is up to 30kW output.
  • Support up & down speed independently setting in different operation modes (Power supply: CV/CC/CP modes, Electronic load: CC/CP modes).
  • Adjustable rising and falling time,
  • Solar panel I-V curve simulation function (With optional SAS1000 software, not included).
  • LIST mode programming.


In conclusion, if your project needs to run at a specific voltage level, a benchtop power supply is an extremely useful piece of equipment to have on hand. Firstly, they are incredibly intuitive and come with a multitude of features that allow you to simulate virtually any scenario. Secondly, fine voltage and current level control, built-in circuit protection, and multiple outputs—just to name a few. Finally, always remember to always consider all factors and the projects for which you’ll be using it. It only makes sense to do your research and choose the best fit so you get the best results.

We here at Circuit Specialists hope that you found the list of the best DC power supplies informative.

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