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Premium 3D Printer Filament

Premium 3D Printer Filaments are available in 1.75mm and 3.0mm diameters on .25kg, .5kg and 1kg sized spools. With many vibrant colors to choose we offer one of the largest selections of 3D printer filaments by MG Chemicals in the market.

PLA 3D printer filaments are based on corn, which gives off a mild non-offensive sweet smell when heated, making PLA an optimal choice for use in homes, schools, and hobbyists. It does not require a heated print bed and easily adheres to masking tapes. It is very hard, and when properly utilized PLA can achieve faster print speeds and lower layering heights with sharper printed corners and edges than ABS as well as an overall glossier look and feel. Made from High Purity USA made PLA pellets.

ABS filaments are often preferred by engineers and professionals because of its higher temperature resistance, machinability, flexibility and strength. Being a petroleum based plastic, the slight odor given off when heated may make this less desirable for home use. Use with MG Chemicals Polyimide tape and MG Chemicals Acetone to improve adherence of the ABS plastic to the heated print bed. Also use Acetone for vapour or dip smoothing of ABS printed pieces for amazing results that look like cast plastic.

Check out the following YouTube video comparing ABS and PLA filament.

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